10 Careers for Psychology Majors

10 Careers for Psychology Majors, career, careers, psychology, psychotherapy, list, 10, psychology majorThese days we’ve been discussing some of the pros and cons of becoming a psychotherapist. Weighing both, you might have decided for it or against it. At least for the time being. Before going any further with more specific details regarding the psychotherapy field, it could be useful to take a quick look at some interesting careers available to you as a Psychology Major and their average salaries.

Who knows? You might find the financial aspects of becoming an organizational psychologist or even psychiatrist more tempting than pursuing a career in psychotherapy. Don’t forget to take into account that many of these fields require quite a lot of hard work and dedication. And after all, the main aspect that matters is what you know you’d enjoy doing most.

10 Popular Careers

  1. Clinical Psychologist
    • Average salary: $81.000
  2. Psychiatrist
    • Average salary: $167.500
  3. Industrial-Organizational Psychologist
    • Average salary: $98.000
  4. Engineering Psychologist
    • Average salary: $80.000
  5. Counseling Psychologist
    • Average salary: $72.500
  6. Forensic Psychologist
    • Average salary: $59.500
  7. School Psychologist
    • Average salary: $58.000
  8. Sports Psychologist
    • Average salary: $55.000 (could vary quite a lot)
  9. Neuropsychologist
    • Average salary: $90.500
  10. Social Worker
    • Average salary: $43.000

Of course, there are plenty of other possible careers, opportunities and possibilities in this field and also in connected areas. Depending on your individual abilities and preferences, you could end up working almost anywhere as a Psychology Major (after taking care of all the necessary requirements).

To sum it up, earning more money requires spending more time studying and obtaining all the necessary qualifications for the chosen career path. That seems pretty logical, doesn’t it? However, there are quite a few lucky people out there who get the chance to make more money a lot faster, while doing something really interesting at the same time. So make sure to keep your eyes open in case any opportunities decide to knock on your door when you least expect them.

What do you think? Do these numbers influence you in any major way? Share your thoughts.

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